Event Cancelled!

Our plans were big for the fifth edition of our NightlyBuild after-work conference. We wanted to make it a special edition by pushing our concept further—an after-work event with five dedicated speakers around the topic of “the future of work”, gathering a group of about two hundred attendees in a nice location to talk to each other, find new friends and listen to inspiring talks. And we already found great speakers, a lovely new location and a couple of sponsors that wanted to push our event.

However, that isn’t enoug. We tried harder than in the the past years to find partners who could finance the event, and we raised ticket prices by 10€ to get more money for our venue but still keep tickets at a very affordable price. But we weren’t able to find enough partners to finance our event and while we sold a reasonable amount of tickets already, it didn’t look like we’re going to sell out this year. Keeping an event at such a low price means it needs to be calculated with high risk. Speakers travel costs have to be covered, the location needs to be paid and many more small costs that we can’t cover with the tickets itself.

In short: Today we’re publicly announcing that we need to cancel all our plans for the Nightlybuild 2018 conference. There’ll be no event happening this year anymore.

Questions & Answers

Will I get a refund for my ticket?
Yes, we’re going to refund all tickets within the next days. If you don’t receive a notice about that within the next 14 days, please reach out to us.
Do you know why this didn’t work out?
We don’t know exactly what was different this year. However, we wanted to change the location to something a bit larger, more inclusive for the complete audience but also more expensive that our previous location. Additionally, our search for sponsors was mostly unsuccessful this year—a big contrast to the past years, especially as we asked a lot more companies this year and tried very hard to change things to the better. In summary we’re not yet sure what went wrong, what was different this year.
Why did you cancel now, over two months before the event?
We know this might sound a bit early to many people but we already had contracts in place with terms that require more and more payments towards the event date (such as for the location). To not lose any more money than what we already paid in advance for the location and other small expenses, we needed to make the decision this week. The later we’d cancel the event, the more costs we’d have had and our speakers now can search for other stages and have a bit more time to change their plans.
Was is an easy decision?
Cancelling such an event that we all create with so much passion is definitely a very hard decision. We discussed a lot of options but finally saw this as the only reasonable option. We created this event for people like us, to meet people, to share the love for events and we never made much money from this — in fact after this year’s cancellation we’ll be glad if we still have any money left on our account. We’re sad about all this but it was the best dec
Will you do another Nightlybuild in future?
To be honest, we’re not sure. We first need to manage the cancellation of this event and overcome the sad emotions that are coming with that. We will talk about the ‘why’ and ‘what now’ this summer but have no plans for the future yet.

We are back for a special event!

We’re celebrating the 5th anniversary of NightlyBuild conference this year. Be part of it!

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The way we work is changing rapidly. In times of Artificial Intelligence, distributed teams, information overload and a vast variety of technological choices we need to find out what suits us best, how to stay calm and get things done.

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